Mayor Buddy Dyer


City of Orlando Commissioner Tony Ortiz

Campaign Committee Members

Lt Col Wilson Ariza, U.S. Army, Retired

National Associate Director for Simulation-based Medical Training
National Simulation Center, Lake Nona Florida
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Mercedes F. McCall

Mercedes F. McCall

Banking industry Executive and Community Business Leader
Dick Batchelor

Dick Batchelor

President of Dick Batchelor Management Group, Inc.
A management consulting firm specializing in business development, strategic governmental affairs and public policy issues
Attorney Tico Perez

Attorney Hector “Tico” Perez

Attorney, Businessman, Political Analyst, and Philanthropist
Leslie Gavin

Dr. Leslie Gavin Devitt, PhD

Children’s Health System. Division of Behavioral Health, Department of Pediatrics.

Attorney Bruce B. Blackwell

Founding shareholder of King, Blackwell, Zehnder & Wermuth, P.A.
CEO/Executive Director of The Florida Bar Foundation

(Endorsing as an individual and not in any official capacity.)

Bishop Julia Whitehurst Wade

New Convenant Perfecting Ministries
Presiding Bishop Perfecting Covenant Prevailing Connection

Consisting of Twelve Churches

Attorney Richard B. Troutman

Attorney Richard B. Troutman

Founder, Troutman Law Firm, P.A.
Member of American Association for Justice
Member Florida Justice Association
Attorney Howard Marks

Attorney Howard Marks

Partner at Burr & Forman, LLP
Specialist in Commercial, Construction, Labor & Employment Law
Also practices civil rights, constitutional and First Amendment Law
Former Chairman State of Florida Commission on Ethics
Denise Feliciano

Denise Feliciano, MPT, CVT

Owner of physical therapy and home health care businesses.

Elder Andrew Thomas Wade

New Covenant Perfecting Ministries
Orlando Police Department Chaplain, A Founding Chaplain
Hector Lou Martinez

Hector “Lou” Martinez, CPA, MST

Partner in Ruggiero, Martinez & Norton, P.A.
Treasurer Hispanic Business Initiative Fund of Florida
Former President Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando

What happens in a courtroom directly affects the quality of life in our community.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS.  There is no substitute.  Experience taught me how to effectively serve this community as a county judge, be it a criminal or civil proceeding.  The facts that unfold when a case is brought into a courtroom demand to be heard with patience and without bias, and with servitude to the law which our community upholds.

My sense of family, dignity, integrity and community are core to helping guide the decisions I make in the courtroom that affect both the litigants and our community.

FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE IN THE COURTROOM SHOULD NEVER BE COMPROMISED.  They are the enduring values necessary in order for a balance to be reached when both sides of a case await the judge’s decision.  I have extensive experience incorporating fairness and justice in the courtroom, and I apply it, everyday, with various players, such as: the State Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, Law Enforcement agencies, the Clerk of Court, Bar Associations, and innumerable businesses with both public and private sector interests. 

ONE CANNOT MAKE DECISIONS THAT AFFECT THE WELL-BEING OF THE CITIZENS OF ORANGE COUNTY WITHOUT ACTUALLY BEING AN ACTIVE CITIZEN IN, AND ACTING IN THE BENEFIT OF, OUR COMMUNITY.  I participate in all types of matters that affect our community.  I have had the honor and privilege of working with many organizations, not only in Orange County, but in the greater areas of Central Florida, Florida, and also on a national level.  I participate in, and continue to create, programs that enrich and educate the community I have dedicated my career to serve.

I constantly ask myself, “How are the lives of the individuals in this case affected?  And, how does this case affect our community?”  WHAT HAPPENS IN A COURTROOM DIRECTLY AFFECTS THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN OUR COMMUNITY.